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St George's Day in Potton


St Mary’s Church was very busy this weekend. Being St Georges Day on Sunday meant that the whole weekend was taken up with theme of St George. We started on Saturday with an event which we don’t think has occurred in Potton for maybe 40 years, a St George’s Day Parade involving all the uniformed youth groups in the Town. The parade started in the Henry Smith Playing Field and progressed along the Millennium route into the Church Causeway and from there to the Church. There must have been over 100 youngsters enthusiastically taking part, plus all the adult group leaders from each organisation, and finally many parents. The final number must have been at least 150 people altogether. The Rev Alex Wheatley led a well thought out service in the church, with how St George became our Patron Saint, even though he never actually came to England! The younger children were enthralled by the story of how St George killed the wicked dragon, but this was followed with a very amusing dramatic incident with the arrival in church of a good dragon who teased everybody present just to prove that all dragons are not bad! The afternoon concluded with tea and cakes in the church hall.

The Holy Communion service on Sunday morning was a special Choral Communion, led by the Rev Alex, but assisted by our trainee Deacon, Paulet Brown Wilsher, who gave a lovely sermon. The Choir sang the beautiful anthem, “All in an April’s Evening” by Hugh Roberton, a song written for the famous Glasgow Orpheus Choir, during the giving of Communion.

Our Vision Day. Our Vision Day at St. John the Baptist Cockayne Hatley on the 29th of April is just around the corner as it is this Saturday, April 29th starting at 10am.

We’ll be thinking about who we are as a team of churches and as individual parish churches. At the same time each church will be prayerfully deciding what their priorities are for the next two years. We will be aided in all this by Rev. Paul Davies from the Flourishing Churches Team who will lead the day for us. Bring a packed lunch if attending and dress warmly, it’s always a cold wind at St John’s Church!

APCM April 30th. St Mary’s Church Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM). Straight after the morning service. Come along and hear about our church’s progress and vote in those of us who help with it’s smooth running.

St Mary’s Church on Coronation Day

Saturday 6 May: Coronation Day

There will be a number of activities and places around the town, that will be venues to watch the Coronation on big screens, including St. Marys and All Saints in Sutton! The timings for the churches are as follows:

0930: Churches open.

1000: Procession: Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey

1100: The Coronation Service. Following the service, there will be a Celebration Drink, served in the Church.

1200: Procession: Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace

After the Balcony Appearance and Flypast, the church hall and field, will be available for all who have brought a picnic. Please do not consume any food in the church, but use the hall and field facility afterwards. Tea and Coffee will be served in the hall.

There will of course be no charge for this event, HOWEVER attenders are strongly encouraged to bring something to donate into our Preen Food Collection as they arrive. This will be a prayerful reminder amidst the extravagance of this historic day that times are tough for many people.

Services for Next Sunday 30th April

9am, All Saints Church, Sutton Holy Communion

9am St Mary’s Church, Potton, Morning Prayer

10.30am St Mary’s Church, Potton. Holy Communion

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