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St. Mary the Virgin Potton

We are delighted to welcome you to St. Marys Church in Potton.

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Mary from the VE Banner.jpg

Like so many churches across the country we will be prayerfully reflecting on who we are over the next few months, for these are changing times -  but we know who we are for. We know that we are for God as revealed in Jesus Christ and we are for the people of Potton.


You will see from our worship that we try to offer a range of worship opportunities. We do this because we like variety, we do it because we find it fruitful, but above all we do it to welcome as many new people as possible.


We are also active in terms of events and are present in our communities in various ways. Indeed though geographically we are on the edge of town, in terms of the life of the town we are much closer to the centre.  We do this not just to get our name out there, but also to represent the faith and the one who sustains us.


You can find out more about by exploring this website, but in all honesty the best way is just to come along to one of our services or events!


We hope to welcome you soon!

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