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The Sun goes down, Autumn is nearly here

Holiday Flights coming home, soon be Autumn!


Arriving in church last Sunday morning, I was surprised to see quite a good turnout for a day which only looked like it might improve later. I also spotted the big screen was up and the projector was turned on. I guessed the Revd Alex Wheatley had set everything up so we could watch the Women’s World Cup game straight after the service on our super sized screen. But it wasn’t to be! The screen was up to help people to understand the morning service! It was a shorter service that day, and was our Treasure Box Holy Communion Service, designed to help newcomers to Holy Communion, or those who are considering becoming eligible to take Communion by becoming Confirmed in the coming months. Seeing all the colourful information on the screen and with the use of the special handbook each person had, helps them get a good idea on the important parts of the Communion service. It is also useful to children present to gain an understanding of Communion by using the little colourful toys that are kept in the children’s "Treasure Boxes", especially designed for this service. It is a lovely service enjoyed by all. The service of Choral Holy Communion for next Sunday, August 27th, with The Revd Alex will be at the normal time of 10.30am, all are welcome. Incidentally, the big football match was not later projected onto the big screen!!

Friends and Family Service, September 3rd. Yes, after a short summer break, our favourite children's service returns next Sunday and this time the theme is "Strong Foundations". So come along with the youngest members of your families and join in with this service for children, but with lot's included for “adult children” as well!! But I wonder what that naughty lamb Baaaaaartholemew, may have been up to during the summer holiday?

An apology! Last Sunday I mentioned with thanks, the helpers at the Patronal BBQ after the morning service. I missed one or two names so sorry to Sandy Gravestock and I think there was one other whose name I now can’t remember, so thank you to everyone who helped in any way last week, to make the BBQ a great success. Next time I’ll try to do better with the names, but everyone appreciated the great lunch.

First Steps. Don’t forget that First Steps returns to normal hours, 9am every Friday, except for September 1st and 8th. If you are thinking of joining with your babies and toddlers, please contact Sandy on 01767 260430 for more information.

Services for Next Sunday August 27th, Trinity 12

9 am St Mary’s Church, Potton, Morning Prayer

9 am All Saints Church, Sutton, Service of the Word

10.30 am St Mary’s Church, Potton, Choral Holy Communion

4 pm St John’s Church, Cockayne Hatley, Evening Prayer

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