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We're Late This Week, so sorry but hope you find the news you were waiting for!


A fairly good attendance at the morning service last Sunday, considering it was a Bank Holiday but the Church Choir were down to a quintet on this occasion! However, when the time came, they made a good effort in a popular anthem during Holy Communion. It was a Choral Communion service last week and I don’t think many noticed that we were down to two men and three ladies. In his sermon earlier, the Revd Alex Wheatley gave a talk about the illegal immigrant situation and how it is all being dealt with by the Government. We learned in depth, all the meanings of how the situation should be tackled and where sometimes mistakes are made. There are great differences between illegal immigrants and asylum seekers and they have to be catered for in different ways. Many of the arrivals of course are not Christians but we still show a welcoming hand to these desperate people. Ultimately, a solution must be found as things cannot go on as they are but maybe the Government needs to work out a new plan which will give these people a new chance in life.

Friends and Families are back next Sunday September 3rd and we hope to see all our old friends and many new ones coming along with their young children to learn in a practical way, the different aspects of a Christian life. The theme next Sunday is “Strong Foundations” We expect the Revd Alex may have an interesting story to tell and this will probably involve his pet lamb, Baaaaaartholemew who usually gets in on the act, and always causes a bit of trouble. We hope to see many there on Sunday with many new children turning up to enjoy a great little service, not only for them, but also for mums and dads and other family and friends that care to come along. There are activities for all ages! Free refreshments available.

Coming soon: The Social Committee have arranged a “School Dinner” evening on Friday September 22nd at 7pm for 7.30 start, school uniform encouraged if you still have any!! Cost of a real school dinner will be £15. More details soon.

Mother’s Union Meeting, September 14th, again more details soon.

Finally, we have a Market Stall on September 16th and help will be needed on our stall. More details next week.

Services for Next Sunday September 3rd, Trinity 13

9 am St Mary’s Church, Potton, Morning Prayer

9 am All Saints Church, Sutton, Service of the Word

10.30 am St Mary’s Church, Friends and Family service, Theme Strong Foundations

NB. These timings may change on the day

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