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Worship at St. Marys Church Potton 

One of our strengths at St. Marys is our wonderful variety of worship. We are keen to provide different ways into worship regardless of whether you are child or and adult, whether you like quiet or singing or traditional or relaxed. 

Please look below for all different services. 


All are welcome to our services and we hope to see you at one soon!

(For information about Weddings, Baptisms and funerals please see the Life events tab) 

Morning Prayer

9am every Sunday EXCEPT Second Sunday of the Month.


For those that prefer an earlier, quieter, formal and more reflective service then we offer Morning Prayer in our Lady Chapel. This is usually led by our Reader or one of our Lay Leaders of Worship. It will often (but not always) include a reflection on the Bible readings for the day.

Potton Lady Chapel .jpg


7.15pm/ 7:30pm, 2nd Sunday of the Month


A wonderful calm and still time of prayer and worship with prayer, song and reflections from different contributions. The service always concludes with some form of contemplation. A stilling and worshipful time before the new week begins. The service begins with refreshments from 7:15pm with the service starting at 7.30pm.  We look forward to seeing you.

Church Candles

Communion with Tresure Boxes

Treasure Box Communion

10:30am, 3rd Sunday of the Month.

 A variation of Holy Communion (see above) this service is shorter, more interactive and more focussed on children. It also includes the Treasure Boxes, boxes of items which help us explore what is happening in different parts of the service. At different parts in the service you will be asked to get these out as we explore together what is happening. An ideal service for those with young families.


Family and Friends

10:30am 1st Sunday of the Month

An ideal service for young families and the young at heart! Worship in this service is expresed through song, story and craft activities. Each month we have a theme and we explore this through craft and story. This is a fun and hopefuly meaningful time. 


Holy Communion

10:30am 2nd & 5th Sundays of the Month

 This is our main way of worshiping with our services on the 3rd and 4th Sundays being variations on this (see below). If you are comfortable with this kind of service you will likely find these variations comfortable too.


This service is also sometimes called a Eucharist or in some churches a Mass. Here we share bread and wine to both remember Jesus’s saving actions and in a deep and mysterious way be attached to him as well as to each other. The service  includes readings from the Bible, times of prayer, a reflection or sermon, and a combination of traditional hymns and modern songs led by our choir and organist. We love this service with its reverence and holiness, but also as an opportunity to be together with God.

St. Marys Communion .jpg

Choral Communion 

10:30am, 4th Sunday of the Month 

Our most formal variant of Holy Communion (see above) which involves different parts being sung by the choir and minister and then also the congregation. You may also see us use our High Altar on these sunays as well as the presence of a server. For those who find Choral music an asset in worship this would be a particularly good service to come to. 

St. Marys High Altar.jpg
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