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Music, and our Talented Musicians!

St Mary's Musicians at a recent outside service.


Trying to write this report but watching the Men’s Final at Wimbledon, at the same time, is no easy task, but I need to push on so I don’t miss the Big Match this evening! The Morning Service on Sunday was taken by an old friend of St Mary’s, the Rev Gillian Orpin. The Rev Alex is now on annual leave, still recuperating from his recent health issue. We hope he will be back with us and in good health very soon. The Rev Gillian is scheduled to take our Sunday Morning Services for the rest of July, with Rev Alex returning in early August.

Our organist, Nick Wilson, had an extended Thought For the Day on BigglesFM last Friday, having a good chat with station owner Alan Waring, a talented musician himself, about playing music using various instruments and techniques. Nick is a very talented musician having been an Army Musician for many years and he plays many different instruments. He has also ensured that his family all play a variety of instruments, and all of them are the core of St Mary’s Musicians who perform at some of our services. Nick is next on air with Alan on July 23rd, listen out for him!

Services for next Sunday 18th July, Trinity 7. 8am, St Mary’s Church Potton, Morning Prayer with Paulet Brown-Wilsher 9am All Saints Church Sutton, Holy Communion with Rev Gillian Orpin 10.30am, St Mary’s Church Potton, Holy Communion with Rev Gillian Orpin.

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