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We're playing a lot of Games this Summer!

This weekend got off to a tremendous start with the wedding of two fairly new members of St Mary’s. Billie and Jamie have been worshipping with us for quite a few months now and their soon to be intention, is to move to Potton from the Stopsley area of Luton. They are really a fun couple and have two lovely little boys and they have settled in to being regulars with us, and we enjoy their company as well. Yesterday was their wedding, planned down to the last dotted “I and crossed T”. It was a real fun occasion as well as having all the formalities needed at a wedding. The church was packed, hardly any seats left but everyone there really joined in the spirit of the day which was fun, enjoy yourselves. Even before the service started, there was very witty speech given by the Groom to explain what was going to happen during the service, we really needed to hear this so that we were able to join in the fun that was to follow! The Rev Alex Wheatley handled this rather unusual service with a great degree of fun and dignity, joining in and showing us what a good Rector we have, very adaptable! The singing, and music generally, was led by the St Mary’s Choir, and even the Bell Ringers joined in the singing from the Bell Ringer's Balcony, whilst they were waiting to do their part at the end the service. An amazing experience for all present so our thanks go to Billie and Jamie and both their families, for making the day a memorable occasion.

There will be another big gathering this weekend for the Wedding of Rebecca White who used to sing in St Mary’s Choir, so we, the choir members have been practising all Rebecca’s favourite hymns and anthems in readiness for Saturday August 6th!

Sunday was a Holy Communion service with the Rev Alex and we had a good number in the congregation in spite of holidays and rain showers early on. Next Sunday morning, August 7th, will again be Holy Communion led by the Rev Alex but please note, this is in lieu of the usual Friends and Family service which is having a break in August.

At the Parish Lunch last week, even with several of our regulars on holiday, we had 46 diners but we can seat 64 so please come along on August 26th with a friend or 2 for the next one!

On Friday August 5th, our Baby and Toddler Group, “First Steps” should be meeting as usual at 9.30am in the church hall, but please call Sandy on 01767 260430 to verify it is on or to get further information. In the evening, the Craft and Chatter group will be meeting in the church hall at 7.30pm. If you have a hand craft as a hobby but haven’t been to one of these meetings, maybe now is the time to give it a try. Find them on Facebook for details.

Social items. There will be several social events in the coming weeks around Potton, the first being on Saturday August 6th, tomorrow, and is organised by St Mary’s social committee. This is a Barbecue to be held at 28 King Street in aid of St Mary’s funds and the entry cost is £10 per person for 2 courses. There is NO BAR, so please Bring Your Own drinks. The event starts at 6pm. Call 01767 261206 to book.

Services for Next Sunday, August 7th, Trinity 8

9am, All Saint’s Church, Sutton, Holy Communion

10.30am, St Mary’s Church, Potton, Holy Communion (NB No Friends and Family this month)

7.30pm, St Mary’s Church, Potton, NightLight Also with Zoom, email: for ZoomCode

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