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The Morning Service on June 5th, in the Jubilee Marquee, will include Pentecost.


The Morning Service of Holy Communion in St Mary’s last Sunday, certainly showed that we are really getting back to normal after all the lockdowns and restrictions of the Covid years. The choir, now nearly back to full strength, led the singing of the musical setting of the Holy Communion service, a setting we have not been able to do since the church was closed for the first time in 2019. It was quite a moving moment when the beautiful music of the setting, written by our late choirmaster David Barker and his late wife Judith who was our organist, echoed around St Mary’s once more. They both passed away about 4 years ago but we carried on singing their communion setting until the lockdown. The music soon came flooding back to us as we started to sing, but it was the first time The Rev Alex Wheatley had heard it, or sung it, but he had a few solo lines which he managed quite well! The Rev Alex then gave us his sermon on the coming Pentecost period, which follows Easter, and Jesus’ ascension to Heaven. Rev Alex will also lead next Sunday’s service of Holy Communion. Sunday was also the date of another new feature to the service presentation, it went out live using Zoom to those of our members who cannot attend due to disability or illness. They were welcomed back into our community with the hope that more will soon be able to join us in our morning services.

After the service last Sunday, instead of our usual roast lunch in aid of Christian Aid Week, because of a previous church hall booking, we had a cake sale and as the saying goes, “they were selling like hot cakes” and the proceeds all go the Christian Aid movement to give help anywhere in the world, to those that urgently need it.

Starting on Friday 27th, we have two days of entertainment in St Mary’s Hall given to us in three performances of a hilarious comedy play, “Out of Focus” which shows what happens when five groups book the church hall on the same evening! Tickets may still be available by calling 07713 739519. This is yet another highly entertaining two days given to us by Potton Playhouse. If you like what you see and would like to join them, speak to a member on the night, or at the matinee on Saturday.

For the forgetful, we have already had the May Parish Lunch, it was Friday last week due to the weekend church hall booking for Potton Playhouse. We are back to normal in June on Friday June 24th.

Because of the hall booking this weekend by Potton Playhouse, there will be no meetings for either First Steps, or Craft and Chatter regular group meetings this week. Normal meetings resume from next week.

Services for Next Sunday, May 29th, Easter 7

9 am. All Saints Church, Sutton, Holy Communion

10.30 am. St Mary’s Church, Potton, Holy Communion


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