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St Mary's Festival next week, and we have a Sausage Sizzler!


Quite a few of our regular congregation seem to be away on holiday at this time as our numbers last Sunday morning were down a little from the norm. However, the Rector, the Rev Alex Wheatley conducted a good service of Holy Communion accompanied by recorded music at various times which gave the feel of a normal service, even though we’re not quite there yet! Next Sunday, the Rev Alex will conduct 2 services of Holy Communion at St Mary’s, at 8am and the main service as usual at 10.30am.

Next Sunday, August 22nd, after church and starting at 12.30pm, we are having a “Sausage Sizzle” on the Church Field. Cost is £5 per head which includes Hot Dogs and Salads. Also, there will be lots of Fun and Games and “Challenges”. All are welcome but bring a folding chair, and some good weather!

An advance notice for a social evening on September 24th. Our Events Team have organised a “Quiz Night Italia” and includes a Pasta Supper and there will be a Bar available. Cost for the evening is £10. Put this date on your calendars!

Services for next Sunday 22nd August, Festival of St Mary. 8am St Mary’s Church, Potton, Holy Communion with Rev Alex Wheatley. 9am All Saints Church, Sutton, Service of the Word with Rdr David Kilpatrick 10.30am, St Mary’s Church, Potton, Holy Communion with Rev Alex Wheatley

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