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Potton and the Queen's Jubilees, a short history!

Over the years, Potton has had a good reputation for supporting Jubilee and other big events, and this year is no exception. St Mary’s Church, The Church Hall and Field, were the pivot around which most celebrations in Potton revolved, although some activities have always taken place on the Market Square. This year, the Church was the home for a beautiful Art and Flower Exhibition with every group or club in the Town showing their interpretation of both the Jubilee and how their particular skills portray this. The exhibition was on all weekend and the numbers attending beat the records for previous Jubilee exhibitions. Hopefully these groups and clubs will attract new membership.

The last Jubilee in 2012, was totally organised by St Mary’s Events committee but this time the whole programme was devised by Potton Town Council but using the Church facilities as Potton does not have a suitable amenities hall for the many events that happen in the Town. It is hoped to establish a Hall for All, first suggested by the Town Council over 100 years ago, sometime in the future! So watch this space, and lookout for the next Celebration weekend and I expect we can all guess what it will be. St Mary's Church will still be here ready to do it's part. We hope you all enjoyed this weekend, take care!

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