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Pentecost is coming, don't forget to wear something RED on May 28th, or June 4th, See poster below!


The weekend weather was ideal for getting out and about around the area, and the big attraction in the Benefice of Potton, Sutton and Cockayne Hatley, had to be the annual Sutton Plant Sale and Cream Tea event, and on Sunday afternoon, the Annual Duck Race on the small river that passes through both Potton and Sutton. This event every year, raises funds for both All Saints Church and Sutton Village Hall. The plant sale always attracts garden enthusiasts from all round the area, to get a good selection of plants, both flower and vegetable choices. The organisers even supplied a range of wheelbarrows for buyers to transport their purchases back to their cars just outside the venue, and this was the gardens of the Old Rectory, beautifully kept by William and Jo, who enjoy living in such a beautiful setting. It was a busy weekend but one of the big attractions was the duck race when hundreds of yellow plastic ducks were released on a 100 metre stretch of the fast flowing river. To see this happen, spectators had to leave the Rectory gardens and walk to the old packhorse bridge. It was great fun to watch although a few did remain in the gardens to enjoy a cream tea, as the queue for that suddenly disappeared, only to return when the duck race was over!

There were of course services that happened in both Sutton and Potton, with Holy communion services conducted by the Rector, the Revd Alex Wheatley. Next Sunday, Sutton Church has a Service of the Word, and Potton has the popular Choral Holy Communion Service.

Coming soon: June 4th will bring us the very popular Friends and Family, all age activity service, enjoyed every month by the many children who come, and their Mums, Dads, Grandparents and other family members! Why not come and join us? It’s a very relaxed service with refreshments during the activity session, and a Morning Prayer service for older members of the congregation. This month’s theme is Pentecost.

Pentecost. (Whit Sunday) This important day on the Christian calendar, commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles and other followers of Jesus. This will be celebrated in our service on May 28th and traditionally, people attending this service should wear something red.

Christian Aid collection The amount collected in St Mary’s Church for Christian Aid amounted to £334.71 this year. This was a little lower than recent years as we were unable to hold the special lunch the previous week due to unforeseen circumstances, however, it was still a pleasing amount to send off to this important charity. Well done to all those who contributed.

Services for Next Sunday 28th May, Pentecost (Whit Sunday)

9am. All Saints Church, Sutton, Service of the Word 9am. St Mary’s Church, Potton, Morning Prayer 10.30am. St Mary’s Church, Potton, Choral Holy Communion for Pentecost

4pm. St John’s Church, Cockayne Hatley, Evening Prayer

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