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Many Advent events coming up across the Benefice!


Last Sunday was our Friends and Family service this time led by our Ordinand Paulet Brown Wilsher, the Friends and Family Team and three members of St Mary’s Music Group. The theme was Advent and Christmas and although quite a few of our regular participants came along with some newcomers to this service, the attendance was quite low and disappointing as a lot of preparation had been made by the F and F Team ready for what we expected to be a good attendance. Those that came enjoyed the morning but could it be fears of the spread of the Omicron variant that kept people away? At least at the end of the morning we had a beautifully decorated Christmas Tree with many of the decorations made by the children present. The Morning Service next Sunday will be Holy Communion with the Rev Alex Wheatley, our Rector.

Our organist and music group leader, Nick Wilson is scheduled to give his Thought for the Day, on BigglesFM, on Friday, December 10th and again on December 24th. This is at 8.15am on Alan’s Breakfast Show and Nick has assured us that he will be there on both occasions. So listen out for St Mary’s final Christmas information as we get nearer the big day!

Just a reminder, our two regular groups, First Steps and Craft and Chatter, will be taking a break early in December until the new year. Anyone thinking of joining either group should wait for the new term and the details will be published early in 2022.

There are two Christingle services very soon, a children’s favourite! On December 12th at 4.30pm in St Mary’s Church, Potton and on December 16th in Sutton at 3pm, via a Zoom link. These services are favourites of the children of course as is the Crib Service on Christmas Eve at St Mary’s and Sutton Church, both at 4pm. On December 19th each of our churches will hold a Carol Service, 3pm at Cockayne Hatley, 4.30pm at Sutton and 6pm at St Marys Church for the Nine Lessons and Carols traditional service. We hope all these services will be well attended and getting us all into the Christmas Spirit! Finally at 11.30pm on Christmas Eve, a Midnight Mass will be held at St Mary’s, leading us all into Christmas Day

Services for Sunday 12th December, Advent Three.

9am St John’s Church, Cockayne Hatley, Holy Communion with Rev. Alex Wheatley (also on Zoom Meeting ID: 815 0338 3687)

9am All Saints Church, Sutton, Matins with Rdr Simon Gutteridge.

10.30am St Mary’s Church, Potton, Holy Communion with Rev Alex Wheatley.

4.30pm St Mary’s Church, Potton, Christingle Service for the Children with Rev Alex Wheatley.

Pictures from the Friends and Family Service on December 5th at St Mary's

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