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It's Treasure Box Time Again, a service enjoyed by the children, and some adults too!


Sunday was the day we greeted our next guest speaker at St Mary’s Church and this time it was the Chaplain from nearby RAF Chicksands, the Revd Terry Wright. He is actually a Methodist Minister but is one of many who are willing to preach in churches of other denominations in the local area. His talk was aimed at setting the bar high enough and to start, he gave us an amusing story of how a man in the Bible days, could get rid of his wife if he was dissatisfied with her performance in their home, in just about anything. Apparently, such as burning meals, or not washing the clothes often enough, were popular causes of divorce! Men had often not set their bar high enough when choosing a wife! But the main thrust of the talk was “did God set the bar too high” in how people followed him and his son Jesus. He came out with many simple comparisons in modern life and how may we as modern people, may set our bar too high in what we want to do. Revd Terry also brought in to this thought about his early days in the army when as a young trainee soldier, he did not always agree with his Corporal and having his kit laid out for weekly inspection, would often end up with it on the floor because the Corporal had decided he had not raised his bar high enough, so had to start again! Actually, this was a story I could relate to in my early days in the RAF! Weekly kit inspections were a nightmare!!

The Revd Alex Wheatley conducted the service of Holy Communion as usual but we are still having to use borrowed communion cups as we have not yet been able to replace the silverware recently stolen from us. Next week, the service will once more be Holy Communion led by the Revd Alex, but this week will be the treasure box service enjoyed by the children, and quite a few of the adults! All are welcome.

Social Events Coming soon will be an Irish Night, to be held on March 18th in the church hall. Full details will be released soon and bookings can then be made, but the evening will include of course, a traditional Irish Stew and a fun Irish Quiz. Watch this space, but put the date in your diaries!

Services for Next Sunday 19th February. 2nd Sunday before Lent

9am, All Saints Church Sutton, Holy Communion

9am, St Mary’s Church, Potton. Morning Prayer

10.30am, St Mary’s Church, Potton. Holy Communion with Treasure Boxes

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