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Friends and Family Services return to St Mary's in October

On a pleasantly warm morning, we had a good size congregation for our first service in September, the Service of the Word with Rdr Simon Gutteridge. Simon presented an interesting sermon about hiding behind a mask, when things don’t go quite to plan. It was very thought provoking and well presented. Of course at the moment we are all used to wearing a mask for our protection from the pandemic, but Simon’s masks were a little different in this respect. This will be the last service of this type for our Morning Service for a while, but it has served us well over many months when we could only meet by using Zoom, which also served us very well. Next Sunday our Morning Service will be Holy Communion with our Rector, the Rev Alex Wheatley.

Sunday morning also marked the beginning of noise free services. For a long period of time, we have suffered from an intermittent loud crackling and banging over the sound system, the cause of which seemed to be untraceable. We did narrow it down to the radio microphone system and then some research on the internet produced a handbook for this system which we have been using since 2012. This showed us exactly where to look! Two of our microphones were body worn hands free modules and we realised that whoever installed the system 9 years ago, had set an internal switch in the wrong position. Setting it to where it should be, gave us the clearest sound and noise free service we have had for 9 years. We were certainly pointed in the right direction by the Power from Above, even if it did take all that time!

The first Sunday Morning service in October, will be a return to our very popular Friends and Family service, something for everyone of all ages, but especially the children who enjoy the craft element, making things! The first of these services will be on October 3rd at 10.30am, so we hope many previous supporters will return and bring new friends with them.

Craft and Chatter returned last Friday with 12 people attending the first meeting. Many more can be accommodated and will be very welcome at the next session on September 17th at 7.30pm in St Mary’s Church Hall. Please come along and bring your craft items to work on and compare the work of others with what you are doing. Entry only £3 including refreshments.

September 17th is also the start day for First Steps, our baby and toddler group. This runs from 9.30am to 11.30am and entry cost is only £1.50 per family and includes tea/coffee, cake, snacks, chatter and for the little ones, lots of toys to play with! For further information, contact Sandy on 01767 260430.

And, on September 10th , don’t forget to listen to the Biggles FM Breakfast Show on Friday morning, at 8.15am as Nick Wilson, St Mary’s Church Organist, will once more be the speaker giving his fortnightly Thought for the Day.

Coming soon: Berkeley Ensemble, Chamber Music in St Mary’s Church, September 25th

Services for next Sunday 12th September, Trinity 15. 9am St John’s Church Cockayne Hatley, Holy Communion, with Rev. Alex Wheatley, (also on Zoom). 9am All Saints Church, Sutton, Mattins with Rdr Simon Gutteridge. 10.30am, St Mary’s Church, Potton, Holy Communion, with Rev. Alex Wheatley

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