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Friends and Family Service returns at last at St Mary's!

Judi Hobbs organising a group of eager youngsters at the start of the Service


What a difference a week makes! A week ago I was trying to figure out when I would be able to get some fuel for my car as I was already below a quarter tank. The week dragged on, every time I ventured out, I was checking filling stations on my short necessary journeys, but not finding fuel. Well today as I left church after our amazing Family and Friends service, a note flashed up on my mobile “go to Sainsbury’s now!” Well I didn’t go straight away as after the service, we were having a Harvest Lunch as part of our fund raising for this time of the year. I went over there after the delicious home cooked lunch, and found everything fairly normal, short queues, waiting time less than 5 minutes, no limits and even the price was still the same, no inflated price here! A great relief all round on this very good news so life is hopefully getting back to normal at last, but did our church activities have anything to do with this! I do wonder!

Getting back to the service earlier, this was the Rev Alex Wheatley’s first venture into this lovely Family and Friends all age service. Many children turned up with their parents, to enjoy a very nice service put together by Rev Alex assisted by Judi Hobbs and the St Mary’s music ensemble. I’m not sure if Rev Alex really knew what was to happen at a service unfamiliar to him, but he soon got the hang of it and enjoyed it as much as we all did. These services will now continue in St Mary’s on every first Sunday of the month with a different theme every month. This month of course, the theme was the Harvest. The next Family and Friends service will be on November 7th. Next Sunday’s morning service at 10.30am, is Holy Communion with the Rev Alex.

On October 8th, don’t forget to listen to the Biggles FM Breakfast Show on Friday morning, at 8.15am as Nick Wilson, St Mary’s Church Organist, and leader of St Mary’s music ensemble, will once more be the speaker giving his fortnightly “Thought for the Day” and news of all events and services coming up at St Mary’s. If you miss this one, Nick is next “on air” on October 22nd.

On October 10th at 6.30pm St Mary’s Church, Potton. A beautiful “Little Stars” service an evening of Support and Reflection for all families that have lost a child in pregnancy or later in life. Call Fi on 07771 755508 or email for more details of this service which is part of the “National Baby Loss Awareness Week”. The service is organised by local Mothers who have suffered baby loss in recent years. Please come along to give support and gain an understanding of what losing a young child really means to a family.

Services for next Sunday 10th October, Trinity 19. 9am, St John’s Church, Cockayne Hatley, Holy Communion, with Rev. Alex Wheatley (also on Zoom, Check Sunday Link newsletter for Zoom details) 9am, All Saints Church, Sutton, Matins with Simon Gutteridge 10.30am, St Mary’s Church, Potton, Holy Communion with Rev. Alex Wheatley. 6.30pm St Mary’s Church, Potton. “Little Stars”

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