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Friends and Family visit Noah's Ark and met many animals on the way!


Last Sunday, it was back to our popular Friends and Family service after a short break to make way for the recent Jubilee celebrations. The service was conducted as usual be the Rev Alex Wheatley our Rector, and ably assisted by his pet lamb Baaaar-tholemew! It was just as well Baaaar-tholemew was in church that day because so were lots of other animals who were also taking part in the service and needed to be kept under control. All these other animals lived on an Ark and were in the care, of course, of Noah! Yes, our theme for the service was Noah and his Ark. Rev Alex told the story to the children and led the singing of children’s hymns, before letting them loose on the craft tables to make and colour in, many aspects of the story. It was a very enjoyable hour, something everyone could join in, but slightly biased towards the children of course. As usual, the service finished with a musical version of the Lords Prayer. The next Friends and Family service will be in September to allow for summer holidays. Next week’s service, July 10th, will be Holy Communion conducted by the Rev Alex, at the usual time of 10.30am. All are very welcome.

Don’t forget, our First Steps group for Toddlers and Babies, takes place every Friday morning at 9.30am in the church hall. Further information about joining can be obtained from Sandy at 01767 260430. Likewise, our “Craft and Chatter” group meet every other Friday evening (Potton’s green bin day) for craft minded people of any age to get together, enjoy their craft and have a good natter! This is also in the church hall but at 7.30pm in the evening. The next meeting is Friday July 8th. Also on this day, we can hear our organist, Nick Wilson, giving his thought for the day on BigglesFM at 8.15am, 104.8 on the dial!

Services for Next Sunday, July 10th, Trinity 4

9am, St John’s Church, Cockayne Hatley, Holy Communion

9am, All Saint’s Church, Sutton, Service of the Word

10.30am, St Mary’s Church, Potton, Holy Communion

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