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Family and Friends May 5th

Yet another great gathering at St Mary's today. The theme for the service was "Going Fishing" and was led by the Rev Gill Smith and Churchwarden Wendy and Team. The theme was based on the story of the fishermen who caught no fish until Jesus told them to cast their nets on the other side of the boat. The catch was then so large that they could hardly lift it. Rev Gill had a simultion of this parable showing a small net that had been lowered into a tub of water, and then was very difficult to remove on the end of her small fishing line. The story was followed by the usual craft session but this time making objects to do with the story, like small fishing rods and fish shaped bookmarks. Morning Prayer for those in the congregation who wanted more formality in their morning service, was led by Churchwarden Hazel. Throughout the activities, refreshments were served by Eileen and her team.The service ended with prayers and the singing of the Lords Prayer set to music.

The Rev Gill with her net of "fish"

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