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Easter is over, for another year. Next we have the Annual Meeting for St Mary's Church


Sunday morning was mild although not too much Sun, however, it was still quite chilly in the church, so we’re not quite into the warm Spring weather we are all waiting for, just yet! Attendance for the morning service of Holy Communion was good and most of our regular church members were there plus some visitors, and that included a couple from Sweden. We were very pleased to welcome them to our church. The service today was led by retired priest the Revd Canon Les Ogilvy, an old friend of St Mary’s. The Revd Les, in his sermon spoke of the trials and tribulations of the Disciple Thomas the Twin, more often known as Doubting Thomas, who refused to believe that Christ was arisen and would not believe any of the Disciples who had already seen Jesus in their midst. It was only after he had seen Jesus and touched his wounds that he believed. An interesting story, explained well by the Revd Canon Les. It was also the Choral Communion service today, so the Choir sang some beautiful music during the act of Communion.

Next Sunday’s service will be Holy Communion for St George’s Day. However, a special St George’s Day Parade and service will be held on Saturday April 22nd at 3pm, and it is hoped many of our young, uniformed, youth organisations will join us for this special commemoration service.

Our Vision Day. A message from the Rector, the Revd Alex Wheatley.

“Our Vision Day at St. John the Baptist Cockayne Hatley on the 29th of April is fast approaching and I wanted to share with you my excitement for this important day and encourage you to continue saving the date!

On this day we will be praying and doing some important work. We’ll be thinking about who we are as a team of churches and as individual parish churches. At the same time each church will be prayerfully deciding what their priorities are for the next two years. We will be aided in all this by Rev. Paul Davies from the Flourishing Churches Team who will lead the day for us”

29 April, 10am Start, St. John the Baptist, Cockayne Hatley. Bring a packed lunch!

More dates for the diary: Tuesday April 25th. 9.30am start. St Mary’s Spring Cleaning Day, Volunteers needed!

April 30th. St Mary’s Church Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM). Straight after the morning service.

Services for Next Sunday 23rd April

9am, All Saints Church, Sutton , Service of the Word

9am St Mary’s Church, Potton, Morning Prayer

10.30am St Mary’s Church, Potton. Holy Communion

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