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Christmas is over, now it's the time for the Baptism of Christ!


With the worsening of the Covid/Omicron figures recently, we feared that congregation numbers at St Mary’s might drop away again, maybe forcing us back to Zoom services. But we have found this is not the case although we are not back to the pre-Covid level as yet. Numbers attending so far in the new year are showing a slow upward trend, so hopefully this will continue. Everyone is wearing a mask again, there is no choice at this time, but we are carefully watching what the government is saying and hope this leads to a drop in infections soon. Last week, we had 35 people attending, and this week there were just over 30 people in for our morning service for Holy Communion with the Rev Alex Wheatley and Rev Alex will also be conducting next week’s service. Meantime, our regular service pattern will resume and get back to normal over the next few weeks.

Our organist and music group leader, Nick Wilson is scheduled to give his Thought for the Day, on BigglesFM, on Friday, January 14th, and again on January 28th. This is at 8.15am on Alan’s Breakfast Show and Nick assures us he will be there with all the latest news from St Mary’s. Tune in to 104.8Mhz on the dial.

For Burn’s Night this year, St Mary’s social committee are planning our version of a traditional Scottish Evening, with a menu based on Scottish fare, and if we can find a Piper, the Haggis will be piped in following the old tradition. Any Bagpipers out there, please call Rosemary on 01767 261206 to volunteer? Tickets can be booked on the same number and cost £20 each which includes all the cooked food. Those who know about our socials will be aware how good the menu will be, those who haven’t yet been, well it’s time to book! There will be a bar available. Covid regulations may restrict the numbers who can attend, so book early.

Forthcoming dates for February: Our popular Friends and Family Morning Service returns on February 6th, a service for all ages and with craft projects for the children. Also on February 6th, NightLight, our service for quiet contemplation, readings, music and prayer will return, in the evening. More news on both services nearer the time.

The next issue of the Sunday Link, our weekly newsletter, will be for the weekend of January 23rd.

Services for next Sunday 16th January, Epiphany Two. 8am St Mary’s Church, Potton, Morning Prayer. 9am All Saints Church, Sutton, Holy Communion with Rev. Alex Wheatley 10.30am St Mary’s Church, Potton, Holy Communion with Rev Alex Wheatley.

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