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Barbecues and other Summer events


The morning service last Sunday started with some sad news. Long serving member of our church community, Alan Rothery, passed peacefully away in the early hours of Sunday and will be dreadfully missed by members of our congregation, a man known for his wit, humour and friendliness across the age groups in St Mary’s Church. Our Rector, the Rev Alex Wheatley was called to his bedside late on Saturday evening and spent some time with Alan in prayer and words of comfort. On Sunday morning before the start of the service, the Rev Alex announced Alan’s passing. RIP Alan, you will be missed by all your friends at St Mary’s.


In the service of Holy Communion which followed, the Rev Alex posed an interesting question at the start of his sermon. “Are the Ten Commandments the basis of the Christian rule book?” This was an interesting topic and arguments for and against this question, were explained very well by Rev Alex, a very well thought out set of arguments, but in the end some very good ideas emerged from the evidence! Next Sunday’s service will also be Holy communion with the Rector.

Summer has brought us a series of Weddings in St Mary’s, many previously postponed by lockdown, and it’s so good to welcome the different couples along to celebrate their new union. It’s also interesting to see how each ceremony is organised, there are never two the same but are all enjoyable. Last Saturday we helped to celebrate the marriage of Rebecca and Nicholas, it was a beautiful service, conducted by the Rev Alex and enjoyed by all present. During the Registration part of the service, the choir sang several favourite anthems of our Bride, Rebecca, who wanted to remember what she used to sing when she was a member of St Mary’s Choir, a few years ago and these musical pieces, had been chosen carefully by her. There are more services this month and next and then it quietens down a bit as we go into next year, but there are quite a few already booked!


St Mary’s events team organised a brilliant Barbecue for last Saturday, really the first of the summer season events but watch out for others around town and the district, organised by other groups in August and September, for fun and relaxation. And who could forget that the biggest of all, Party on Potton held over the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of August, will be back this year after the last was cancelled during lockdown? We will join with other local churches in an Ecumenical Songs of Praise Service in the Party on Potton Marquee, on the Sunday morning. We will see you all there!

And Oh! A big thank you to Saturday's Barbecue organising team!

Services for Next Sunday, August 14th, Trinity 9

9am, All Saint’s Church, Sutton, Service of the Word

9am, St John’s Church, Cockayne Hatley, Holy Communion

10.30am, St Mary’s Church, Potton, Holy Communion

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