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Ascension Day this week, marks the end of Easter


Attendance on Sunday morning this week in St Mary’s Church, was very good and as it was the start of Christian Aid week, the theme of the Holy Communion service was all about Christian Aid. The Rector, the Revd Alex Wheatley, gave a very good, video illustrated sermon, as to how the Christian churches across the world, were able to help those from communities in other parts of our world who would not survive without the help they are given from the wealthier communities. This is our mission and there are many ways help can be given from raising money to pay for different projects, to research in finding and developing crops which survive more efficiently in hot countries, where water itself is a scarce commodity, much needed of course in the growing of crops. Examples shown in the illustrated sermon, showed how this can be achieved with aid that can be given. Those present at the service were asked to contribute to St Mary’s Christian Aid fund, by donating the cost of the food they themselves would spend on their food for that day. Unfortunately, the roast lunch we had planned in the church hall to follow the service, had to be cancelled at the last minute due to unforeseen problems.

A NightLight service was also held last Sunday and the theme there was the Global Village, another Christian Aid theme. Next week’s morning service will again be Holy Communion and will be conducted by the Rector once more. Later last week, Thursday in fact, saw Easter finally coming to an end with an Ascension Day service held at St Mary’s Church, in the evening.

Bell Sunday. Bell Sunday is a national day to help recruit new ringers at the many different churches across the country, where bells are installed. Visitors were able to climb inside our Bell Tower to see our bell ringers in action and find out the techniques used in ringing our 6 bells every Sunday and on special occasions such as weddings. The art and technique of bell ringing is fairly simple and visitors to the bell ringer’s platform, were invited to “have a go” under guidance of course! We will find out later this week if the afternoon was a success and whether we have recruited any new members to the team! But with a few weddings on the calendar, the bells at St Mary’s will probably be heard ringing out frequently this summer!

Services for Next Sunday 21st May, Thy Kingdom Come, Sunday after Ascension Day

9am. All Saints Church, Sutton, Holy Communion

9am. St Mary’s Church, Potton, Morning Prayer

10.30am. St Mary’s Church, Potton, Holy Communion

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