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Another quiet week in our Benefice


To a small gathering of church members, the Morning Service last Sunday, the Service of the Word, was ably conducted by Rdr Simon Gutteridge in the absence of our Rector who is on sick leave for a few days. We wish the Rev Alex a speedy recovery and may he be back leading us very soon. The Morning Service for next Sunday, Trinity 6, will be Holy Communion, we hope to see many there and we welcome any newcomers.

Nick Wilson, St Mary’s Church Organist, will be the guest speaker on the Biggles FM Breakfast Show on Friday morning, July 9th, at 8.15am giving his fortnightly Thought for the Day. Tune in to 104.8 on the dial to Listen to Nick to find out all the latest church news, and no doubt a few more of his favourite anecdotes! On Friday afternoon, at 3pm, Sutton School will be holding their latest online service, joining details are available from the school office for those eligible.

Services for next Sunday 11th July, Trinity 6. 9am, Cockayne Hatley Church, Holy Communion 9am Sutton Church Matins with Rdr Simon Gutteridge, 10.30pm, St Mary’s Church, Potton, Holy Communion.

Further service details will be on next weekend’s Sunday Link Newsletter, due out mid-week and sent to subscribers. If you are not a subscriber and would like to be, contact us at with your full name, address and obviously email address.

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