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An interesting Sermon from Archdeacon Dave Middlebrook from Bedford


On a bitter cold morning last Sunday, the attendance figure was a little lower than normal, not surprisingly but it was a lovely service with Archdeacon Dave Middlebrook as a guest speaker to give the lesson. The service was our monthly Choral Holy Communion which is led by the choir, but the choir was down to only 6 members who did a very good job under the circumstances, leading the singing and singing a lovely anthem, “Lead Me Lord” during Communion. However, those of us who sing in the choir suffered badly with the cold as the heating in the Chancel doesn’t really help to warm that area up. The rest of the Church is fine! The Rev Alex Wheatley who led today’s service has said if it’s as cold as that again, we can sit in the warmer area of the church to sing. Archdeacon Dave, gave an interesting talk on how Jesus would have met people in modern times and compared today’s events such as cinema films or concerts, sports meetings and so forth, with how he would have met crowds of his people in the Holy Land all those years ago. He was a man of the people and would go to where people were meeting, an interesting comparison with modern times! Archdeacon Dave also told us about his passion for photography where he takes pictures of just about anything of interest, then keeps them in a set of albums all carefully indexed. This is his hobby but whereas most of us take pictures, then lose them on the computer, Archdeacon Dave does it the correct way! Overall, a very interesting man to listen to.

The service next week, January 29th, is Holy Communion with the Rector, I don’t know what his hobbies may be but we do know that before he came to Potton, he did play underwater hockey!

Social Events The Burns Night Dinner next Saturday is now sold out but keep an eye on our church pages as more events are planned throughout the year.

Thought for the Day on BigglesFM. The next “Thought for the Day” given by our organist, Nick Wilson, will be on January 27th at 8.15am on BigglesFM when the presenter, Alan Waring will once more speak to Nick about what is happening in St Mary’s Church and Nick will be giving details of future events and services in the near future. The next time Nick will be talking to Alan is on February 10th. Find them on 104.8Mhz on the FM dial on your radio.

Services for Next Sunday, 29th January. 4th Sunday after Epiphany

9am, All Saints Church, Sutton, Holy Communion 9am, St Mary’s Church, Potton. Morning Prayer 10.30am, St Mary’s Church, Potton. Choral Holy Communion

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