Advent starts this week!

We all watch our Advent Calendars, as we countdown to Christmas!


Sunday’s service of Holy Communion led by the Rev Alex Wheatley, was a little unusual. It followed the normal service pattern until after the morning’s sermon. At this point the service changed over to become a meeting, a meeting called to appoint a new Church Warden. One of our current Wardens, Brendan Moore had to resign from his post for personal reasons, this left a vacancy and one new candidate stepped forward, our PCC Chairman, David Tall has taken up the post at least for the time being. David already spends much time with his current duties but he has been pleased to step into the breach until the next church annual meeting, when it will be reviewed. We all thanked David for stepping forward and we also thanked Brendan as a long serving Warden for his time and expertise in doing this complex job. A Presentation was made to Brendan and we wished him well for the future. There was a second presentation made to Reader David Kilpatrick as he has now stepped back from his post of Reader and we wished him well in his retirement.

Next Sunday morning’s service, December 5th at 10.30am, will be our ever popular all-age service of Friends and Families to be led by Ordinand Paulet Brown Wilsher with the F and F Team. The theme this time is Advent and the preparation for Christmas. This service is probably the most popular one for the children but it also attracts many adults to join in the worship and fun! Not been before? Well come along and join in, there’s something for everyone!

Our two regular groups, First Steps and Craft and Chatter, will be taking a break early in December until the new year. Anyone thinking of joining either group should wait for the new term and the details will be published early in 2022.

Our organist, Nick Wilson is scheduled to give his Thought for the Day, on BigglesFM, on December 10th and 24th. If this changes, we will publish a note in this column. But if he doesn’t appear at his regular time of 8.15am on Alan’s Breakfast Show, you will know he’s having a lay-in!

Services for next Sunday 5th December, Advent Two. 8am, St Mary’s Church, Potton, Holy Communion with Rev. Alex Wheatley 9am, All Saints Church, Sutton, Holy Communion with Rev. Alex Wheatley 10.30am, St Mary’s Church, Potton, Friends and Family with Ordinand Paulet Brown Wilsher and the F&F Team, theme Advent 7.30pm NightLight by Zoom, ( 432 851 790 Access code 032720) with the NightLight Team. Theme: Angels

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