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A Busy Week in and Around St Mary's Church


The Berkley Ensemble at this time playing the Beethoven Septet in E flat Major, Opus 20. This was in 6 movements and mostly written in 1799


Last week, I mentioned the fact that now the choir and the singing of hymns at our services has now returned, more people were coming to our morning service on a Sunday morning. The word seems to be getting round as we had even more people at the service of Holy Communion, led as usual, by the Rector, the Rev Alex Wheatley, last Sunday. This is very pleasing to see and hear as music does make a big difference to these services. We hope the trend of coming to the Sunday morning service continues as we still have plenty of pew seats to fill even allowing for a degree of social spacing!

A good attendance will be particularly important next week when our popular Friends and Family (F&F) all age service returns for the first time since the first lockdown. In case you the reader, doesn’t know what this service is about, here is a brief outline. In all respects it is a church service but it incorporates special parts of the service dedicated to different age groups so for instance, when the more senior members are having a Morning Prayer service in the Chancel, the younger members are having fun with craft based ideas and making things such as window decorations for some of our un-stained windows. Everyone then comes together for stories, singing and all the normal service elements but aimed at the younger participants. Singing is accompanied by our talented F&F Musical Group. Fun is the name of the word, but with a most definite Christian worship theme throughout. Finally, the theme for this service is “The Harvest”. Refreshments are served and everyone is welcome to come along at 10.30am next Sunday to join in.

The Italian Quiz Night last Friday evening was very successful with a good attendance, delicious home cooked Italian food, and a really good atmosphere. Thanks to all those who came, and to those in the kitchen, so watch this space for more future events.

Saturday afternoon saw the church used for a concert with the Berkeley Ensemble, a group of seven highly talented musicians who entertained us with both modern and classical chamber music. Modern composers, post 1900, take more risks with their musical techniques than any of the classical composers from earlier times. This showed up quite well with modern music in the first half of the concert and in the second half, a well known and popular Septet in E flat Major, opus 20, by the master himself, Ludvic van Beethoven.

Sunday afternoon saw an amazing turnout this time on the church field and in the church hall, for Potton’s annual “Apple Day”. Never before have we seen such a large gathering of townsfolk for this lovely event and we think many newcomers to Potton have found the event for the first time and enjoyed what they found. This is not a church event of course but it’s really good to see church facilities used in this way. Well done to the Apple Day organisers.

Services for next Sunday 3rd October, Trinity 18. 8am, St Mary’s Church, Potton, Holy Communion, with Rev. Alex Wheatley 9am, All Saints Church, Sutton, Holy Communion, with Rev. Alex Wheatley 10.30am, St Mary’s Church, Potton, Friends and Family Service with the F&F Team. Service theme - Harvest

More pictures from the Berkeley Ensemble Concert

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