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Services in Church may be a step or two nearer

Our organist, Nick, will be giving his “Thought for the Day” on BigglesFM on

Friday July 24th at the usual time of 8.15am. 104.8 on your dial. He would love to have your company! Nick will next be on air on Friday August 14th.

Some Sunday services will probably be allowed in church in August with suitable social spacing but singing will not be allowed just yet. We have to get authority for services in church from the Archdeacon and Bishop of Bedford and show them we have satisfied the strict rules that will be required. Initially, this probably will not be a service every Sunday so Zoom services will continue for the time being.

Currently, the Church opening arrangements are as follows: The Church is open every Monday, Thursday and Sunday, 9am until 4pm. Visitors need to use the hand sanitiser going in and leaving, books and other items should not be touched. Please wear a suitable face covering if possible. At the end of each open day, the whole area will be sanitised ready for the next open day.

Our Sunday Morning service on Zoom took place as usual last Sunday, with 27 connections and 36 people taking part in the Service. This week the service was led by LLW Hazel, assisted with the technical stuff by Sutton ChW Darren. Next Sunday, the service will again be held via Zoom at 10am and it is hoped many will be able to join us. Any member of St Mary’s, or the Benefice, who is not on the Sunday Link mailing list and wishes to be able to receive joining instructions to take part in these services, should contact the church office at Applications should be by email or leave a message on the Church Office telephone, 01767 261202, which was now been restored.

The church office can now receive requests for weddings and baptisms but not funerals at this time. Please call the office with any enquiries you may have. Church Hall bookings may be available soon but enquiries for this can be made to 01767 260430.

With restrictions on us getting less by the day it seems, care must still be taken, the pandemic is not over yet. Stay safe!

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