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The Churches will re-open on June 15th, but not full time, as yet!

With no real news about the re-opening of our churches for services as yet, our Sunday Morning Service for Trinity, on Zoom rolled on successfully with 25 connections and 36 people taking part in the Service. As usual the service was led by Reader Simon assisted with the technical things by Sutton Churchwarden Darren. The “Thought for the Day” was given by Paulet Brown-Wilsher, a member of St Mary’s Church and an Ordinand, a priest in training.

Next Sunday, the service will again be held via Zoom at 10am and it is hoped many will be able to join us. Any member of St Mary’s, or the Benefice overall, who is not on the Sunday Link mailing list and wishes to be able receive joining instructions to take part in these services, should contact the church office at Applications must be by email as there is no telephone link to the church office at this time.

As from June 15th, churches will be allowed to open for private prayer but as yet, not for regular services, weddings and other services. We hope to be able to give more information, as soon as we have been given it. However, it is unlikely the churches will be left open all day and those wanting access will need to contact a churchwarden from the appropriate church.

There will be more relaxation of the lock down rules this week but this does not mean everything is almost back to normal so we hope people continue to take care, we still need to follow the social spacing rules. We continue to pray for an end very soon of this crisis in our World. Take care!

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