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We're still ZOOMing along very nicely, thank you!

Our now usual series of Sunday Morning Services via ZOOM continued again last Sunday with 19 connections and just over 30 people taking part. Any member of St Mary’s who is not on the Sunday Link mailing list and wishes to be able receive joining instructions to join us in these services, should contact the church office at Next week’s ZOOM service will start at 10am so we hope a few more can join us. Please note there is no telephone service at the church office at this time. This week’s service included readings, hymns and prayers in a now familiar format, with a little bit of time left for chat amongst those taking part, overall a happy experience once more.

There now seems to be an improvement in the Coronavirus problems but this does not of course mean that we will all be back to normal just yet so we must continue to follow the Governments instructions to avoid unnecessary contact with others. We also pray for those who are ill with this virus and hope they will fully recover and for any NHS staff from our local area and farther afield, that they remain safe and well.

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