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Low Sunday Service at St Mary's

Listen in on Friday at 8.15am, to hear St Mary’s Church Organist, Nick Wilson Giving his “Thought for the Day” on BigglesFM, 104.8 on the dial. Nick will be calling in by phone with all the latest church news.

St Mary’s Church were again on new ground for the second Sunday of Easter or Low Sunday as it is also known as. We still aren’t able to have a normal service so we again had a “Virtual Service” led by Reader Simon Gutteridge, a get together, from all our homes using a meeting application called ZOOM. This allowed many people to join our service and this week we had 20 connections and 32 people taking part. We even had hymn singing but all the other parts of the service were there including a nice Sermon this week from the Bishop of St Albans, the Rev Dr Alan Smith.

The session lasted 40 minutes and we will probably do this again just to keep our congregation together during this lockdown period we are all suffering from. Church Members who receive our weekly Sunday Link newsletter by email, will also receive a supplement with ZOOM joining instructions. Please follow these instructions to join in. Well done to Rdr Simon for organising this for us. If St Mary’s members would like to be added to the email distribution list, please contact the church office and ask to be added. (

NB. There is no telephone service to the church office at this time.

We pray once more, that there will soon be an improvement in getting this nasty Covid-19 virus under control but please follow the Governments instructions to avoid unnecessary contact with others. We also pray for those who are ill with this virus and hope they will fully recover and for any NHS staff from our local area and farther afield, that they remain safe and well.

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