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Sorry, this year no Easter services

Very little to report this week with St Mary’s still locked up to the outside world. We missed our traditional Palm Sunday walk around the outside of the church on Sunday, singing the well-known hymn, “All Glory Laud and Honour”. As we could not run our Morning Service, we were not able to do the walk! Next weekend being Easter will be even worse as there will be no Easter services or events held. For the first time in many years, the “Walk of Witness” a combined event with Potton’s other churches, will not take place. However “ZOOM” users may be able to take part in some Easter services and readings over this week. Most of the information for the week was published on the Sunday Link last weekend, and now on our website, but to find out more, go to the “ZOOM” App and log on with: On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings, there will be a service of Compline at 7.30pm so log on a few minutes earlier to join the meeting.

That’s all we have for this week but we pray there will soon be an improvement in getting this nasty Covid-19 virus under control. Please follow the Governments instructions to avoid unnecessary contact with others. We also pray for those who are ill with this virus and hope they will soon recover.

Take Care, from the Churchwardens and PCC. Happy Easter!

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