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Coronavirus - everything cancelled!

Thanks to the Coronavirus, all events in St Mary’s Church have been cancelled. This includes all the following regular events:

Sunday, Sunday Services throughout the Benefice, including the Deanery Lent Talk

Monday, Monday Housegroup

Tuesday, Tuesday Housegoup, Bell Ringers practice

Thursday, Choir practice

Special Lent Housegroup

Friday, First Steps, the Parish Lunch, the Sutton Friday Service

There are not likely to be any traditional Easter services this year.

Our church organist, Nick Wilson will be on BigglesFM as usual on Friday at 8.15am, 108.4 on the dial. Nick will have any up to date news on the situation so please listen out or him.

It is possible to find a morning service on line by using Google search, as several churches will be doing this. Archbishop Justin Welby will also be giving a Sunday service on local radio, times not known but as before, use Google search for details.

The Church Hall has also had all regular bookings cancelled and will not be in use. The Church Office can still be contacted by email at Please leave your message and you will be contacted. Please note, there is no telephone service at this time.

St Mary’s will remain open during the week whenever possible, for people to visit and pray should they so wish. If other people are there, please remember the Social Space rule, stay at least two metres apart, and cover the face when sneezing or coughing. Sorry, we probably will not have hand cleansing gel available/

During this period of Isolation and Screening, please be careful and don’t disregard the advice being given, and hopefully we will all come through this period unscathed, and things will get back to normal in a few weeks time!

God Bless you all.

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