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This week's Happenings in the Benefice

Not too much going on this week, it's the quiet period after Christmas but we hope you all had a good time and hopefully enjoyed some of our Christmas Services. The Midnight Eucharist conducted by Bishop Richard on Christmas Eve was well attended and it was a lovely service. Thanks to Bishop Richard for stepping in to run the service this year.

The programme for this week is a bit uncertain as there are several errors on the current Sunday link. I cad definitely say there is no Choir practice on Thursday and no First Steps on Friday, but if you do normally attend other events that are shown as being on, please check with appropriate organiser before turning up. We're sorry about the confusion.

Services for next Sunday are:

9am Holy Communion (Said) at Cockayne Hatley Church with the Rev Canon Lindsay Dew,

9am Service of the Word with Rdr David Kilpatrick at Sutton Church 10.30am Friends and Family with Wendy and Team at St Mary's, Theme: Kings and Gifts, also Morning Prayer.

7.30pm NightLight at St Mary's with Heather Gale and Sarah Banks

The following week we will return to our normal weekly pattern and this will appear in next week's Sunday Link.

In the meantime, we wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year for 2020

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