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This week in our Church

The Rev Canon Lyndsay Dew the former Rural Dean for the Biggleswade district, officiated at last Sunday morning’s service of Holy Communion. In his sermon, the Rev Canon Lyndsay spoke of the eve of the new church year and “Stir Up Sunday” which is the last Sunday before Advent and because the dating of Advent varies a little from year to year, it can fall anytime between November 20th and 26th. This year it was on Sunday November 24th, therefore Advent starts next Sunday, so last Sunday was said to be the Eve of the Church New Year. It was traditionally the day for stirring up the Christmas Pudding, when friends and family would gather to help stir the new pudding.

Next Sunday the morning service will be our popular Friends and Family service but we won’t be stirring puddings as the theme is the Nativity! It looks like decorating the church and the Christmas Tree are on the agenda so all will be welcome to join in all these activities.

Also next Sunday evening our next NightLight service of music, quiet contemplation and prayers takes place at 7.30pm, all are welcome to come to this lovely little service.

Nearing the start of Advent, our Travelling Crib is ready to start it’s journey around Potton but there are still a few vacancies for hosting it for a night.

If you would like to do this, please put your details on the signup sheet in church. Details of other Advent and Christmas events and services are now available in the church on a small leaflet.

Services at St Mary’s Church, unless shown otherwise, for Sunday December 1st: 9am Benefice Holy Communion (Said) at Cockayne Hatley Church with anointing for personal renewal. 9am Service of the Word with hymns at Sutton Church 10.30am Friends and Family Intergenerational Activity Service for the Nativity. 7.30pm NightLight.

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