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A Musical, Singalong Evening with the "2Gs"

Last Friday evening, the "2Gs", Geoff and Graham, both keyboard players from the Church Music group, put on a great evening with audience participation, playing songs old and new, but all well known, with the audience singing along, or at least trying to! It was great fun and the audience of about 25 people had real fun trying to fit the words they thought they knew, in with the notes played by G&G, and mostly these notes were in the right order which kind of helped! Everyone seemed to enjoy singing like this and I'm sure it will be done again sometime on the future, so watch these pages. Towards the end of the evening, Roy our Church Organist, joined them to entertain us with some Flute playing, no words to this, just attentive listening! A real fun evening enjoyed by all. Thanks Geoff and Graham for a new idea.

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