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A Busy Weekend at St Mary's! Part 2

Last Sunday, the service at St Mary’s was our very popular Friends and Family activity service with Wendy and her team, with Morning Prayer for those who enjoy this short service, within a service. The theme this month was “Forgiveness and a Change of Heart”. As usual, it was a very lively service with a very good attendance and with plenty of projects to keep both children and adults busy.

There were two further services last Sunday. At 3pm, we held our All Souls Service which is a service to remember our departed Family Members or Friends. Fifty people attended this peaceful service of prayer, music and the lighting of candles as we remembered our lost ones. The service was jointly presented by Rdr Simon Gutteridge and Church Warden Wendy Chappell.

In the evening, our monthly NightLight service was also held, a service of quiet contemplation and reflection, with music and prayer.

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