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The Rest of the Week in Our Benefice

Next Sunday, the Rev Canon Lyndsay Dew will lead the shorter format service of Holy Communion with the aid of the Children and their treasure Boxes. All are welcome.

Our First Steps toddler and baby group will be meeting on Friday, in the church hall at the usual time of 9.30am. Further details about the group from Sandy on 01767 260430. Morning Prayer services will be held next week, at Sutton Church on Thursday, and on Tuesday and Friday at St Mary’s, all services at 9am. These services maybe cancelled at short notice if no leader is available. Every Friday afternoon at 2.45pm, a service is held at Sutton Church for all those in the Benefice who want to end the week with quiet prayer and communion with others. All are welcome.

To book a family event service, a wedding, baptism etc. please contact the church office on 01767 261202, please leave a message stating the reason for your enquiry, if necessary, and you will be contacted to discuss your requirements. E-mail: To book the Church Hall for an event, please contact Sandy on 01767 260430

All other church activities, and any changes, can be found on our website: and on our Facebook page with the very latest updated information

Services at St Mary’s Church, unless shown otherwise, for Sunday October 20th: 9am Benefice Holy Communion (Said) at Sutton Church 9am Morning Prayer 10.30am Shorter Holy Communion with Children’s Treasure boxes 6pm Evensong at Cockayne Hatley Church

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