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Friends and Family and a Harvest theme

This morning, we held our monthly Friends and Family Service. The theme for this month was the Harvest, but with a bit of a difference. Instead of bringing in the traditional produce from the local fields, everyone was asked to bring a gift of confectionary. These would then be given as a gift from St Mary's to maybe people living alone or those that are unwell and need a bit of cheering up. These gifts will be distributed later to people that have been nominated by Friends or Family. Quite a lot of gift bags were made up for this purpose.

The service was led by Reader Simon Gutteridge who also led the Morning Prayer service during the main activities for those who wanted a bit more formality in their morning worship. The singing was once again accompanied by St Mary's Music Group led my Nick, our Organist, but for this service playing his flute! The service ended with the usual singing of the Lord's Prayer after which apples and walnuts grown locally by one of the congregation were distributed to everyone by the children.

There are more pictures on St Mary's Church Facebook page.

Once more, a lovely service enjoyed by all. Please come and join us for next month's service on November 3rd.

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