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Friends and Family Service, September 1st.

The Autumn season started last Sunday with our popular Friends and Family service conducted by Churchwarden Wendy and assisted by the children, as always. The theme this week was “On Being Humble”. The church music group led by Nick on the Flute, provide all the music throughout the service. Morning Prayer was led by David Kilpatick for those who wanted a more formal service but for everyone else, the usual craft tables were ready for many different ideas. Recently, the outcome of many weeks work produced at this service was a large WELCOME banner, now visible when coming into church through the newly rebuilt main porch and door. The banner makers are now working on a new project which we will no doubt see sometime in the future. Many of the children and some adults, worked on a large new poster about Love as described in 1 Corinthians 16. This can be seen on our website and Facebook pages. In spite of no water available in Potton last Sunday, our refreshment team managed “business as usual” at the tea table throughout the activity period! The service next Sunday Is Choral Holy Communion with a visiting priest.

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