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The Sunday Services at St Mary's in the coming months

The service last Sunday Morning was the shorter Holy Communion led by a visiting Retired Priest, the Rev Margaret Marshall from St Neots. As there were no children present for this service, being the start of the school holidays, the treasure Boxes were not used. The Rev Margaret was not familiar with that type of service so not having to wonder about the “Treasures” in the box probably came as some relief. However, as she will be leading this monthly service for the foreseeable future, she will probably become quite used to the boxes very quickly! St Mary’s will mainly be seeing a team of retired Priests over the coming months until a new incumbent is appointed. The retired priests will get the full support from our Ley Ministry team and the Churchwardens from the three parishes in the Benefice. Next Sunday, the service will be Holy Communion led by the Rev Gillian Orpin.

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