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Rev Gill Smith - Final "Thought for the Day" on BigglesFM

For those who don't see the Biggleswade Chronicle, I sent them this article based on Gill's interview with BigglesFM Station Owner Alan Waring last Friday. The article was printed in full and with the photograph taken during one of her earlier broadcasts. It was a great interview and although I haven't got a transcript. my article is taken from my notes I took. Here it is:

The Rev Gill Smith says farewell

On Friday June 29th, the Rev Gill Smith, Rector of Potton, Sutton and Cockayne Hatley Parishes, gave her final farewell to all her listeners to her “Thought for the Day” broadcast by BigglesFM. Gill has given these talks nearly every month since she has been in her post, which she came into in 2009, and has reckoned that her last broadcast was her 81st . As she goes into retirement and moves to Norfolk, Gill went onto explain the role of a retired priest. You never quite stop being a priest but you don’t have the same parish responsibilities so there is much more time for leisure activities, and Gill will certainly be doing this along with husband Bob who retired from his post at Magdalene College in Cambridge earlier this year. They will be living in the Diocese of Norwich so she will be on a list of retired clergy and can stand in for other priests who may be away for any reason, and this includes weddings, baptisms and funerals. Gill explained that the only real difference is that she never gets to know the people involved as she did as a regular Parish Priest.

Finally, Gill sent her love to all the many people she has come to know since coming to Potton and hoped many of them will be able to come to her final service on July 14th when the Bishop of Bedford will be in attendance. The service is followed by a BBQ buffet at the Scouts Hall but anyone wishing to attend, must book through the Parish Office on 01767 261202.

So it’s goodbye to Gill, and Bob, going soon but will never be forgotten!

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