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Last week in St Mary's Church, Services and Events

Last Friday, the Rev Gill Smith gave her last “Thought for the Day” on BigglesFM before she retires. Alan Waring, the station owner, asked Gill many questions about her time in Potton and what it had meant to her during the 10 years she has been with us. Mainly it was friendship and love from the many people she has come to know which she gave as the most important factors but there were many other things which will always remain in her thoughts about the town as she leaves us.

The service last Sunday was Holy Communion with the Rev Gill Smith and this week instead of the Choir leading the hymn singing, it was St Mary’s own little music group with the Wilson family leading the congregation. The Communion hymn, usually sung by the choir was sung as a solo by Suzanne Wilson who also played the keyboard, whilst Nick Wilson played the flute and Dolly Wilson, the clarinet. All round a very pleasant sound from a talented family.

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