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St Mary's Church, the Current week

Last Sunday, the service was the shorter Holy Communion, for Trinity Sunday, and was conducted by the Rector, the Rev Gill Smith. There were many children in the congregation, all exploring their treasure boxes used in this shorter service and learning all about Holy Communion by examining all the items in the box.

Next Sunday there will be no morning service at St Mary’s as all Benefice members will meet at Cockayne Hatley Church for their Patronal Festival, celebrating the birth of John the Baptist. The service will be conducted by the Rev Gill Smith. There are no other services in the Benefice that day.

Morning Prayer services will be held next week, at Sutton Church on Thursday, and on Tuesday and Friday at St Mary’s, all services at 9am.

Services for Sunday June 23: 9am Benefice Holy Communion (Said) at St Mary’s Church 10.30am Benefice Patronal Festival Holy Communion, at St John the Baptist Church, Cockayne Hatley. There are no other services in the Benefice on that day.

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