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Services and other Events at St Mary's this week

The morning service last Sunday was our Family and Friends intergenerational activity service and the theme this time was based on a new book called Meadow Farm Band, written by Liz Price, one of our church members. This told the story of musical farm animals, and a Fox but who hadn’t thought to play together as a band, until organised by a Robin. It was all about building friendships, something the world could do with more of, friendships between nations.

The morning service at 10.30am next Sunday is Choral Holy Communion with the theme of “Thy Kingdom Come”. All are very welcome.

Morning Prayer services will be held next week, at Sutton Church on Thursday, and on Tuesday and Friday at St Mary’s, all services at 9am.

Tomorrow evening, we welcome the New Voices of Potton to St Mary’s for their Spring Concert. Tickets should be available on the door but see the many posters around town for full details.

Services for Sunday June 9: 9am Benefice Holy Communion (Said) at St Mary’s Church 10.30am Choral Holy Communion, theme: Thy Kingdom Come.

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