Holy Week and Beyond in Potton and the Benefice

The Service schedules for Holy week can be found further down this news page. All Services are listed from Monday 15th till next Sunday.

The service next Sunday at 11am, is Easter Day Special Communion with the Rev Gill Smith and Rdr Simon Gutteridge.

The main event for Good Friday is the Walk of Witness with more information of this in a separate article. However on Good Friday, there will be no Morning Prayer, First Steps or Craft and Chatter, but there will be a service of Easter Meditation at 2pm in the church. Normal activities and events will mostly follow as usual next week but see our website: www.pottonparishchurch.org.uk, or our Facebook page for the very latest updated information.

Services for Sunday April 21, Easter Day: 9am Benefice Easter Holy Communion (with hymns) at Cockayne Hatley Church 11am Easter Day Special Holy Communion

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