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Mothers Day Preparation and BBQ, a Friends and Family Special Event

Tomorrow, Saturday March 30th, we are having a special morning fun event in preparation for our Mothering Sunday Service the following day. The event runs from 10.00 till 12.00 tomorrow in St Mary's church and will involve the making of the Posies which each Mum receives at the service, other craft fun, tea, coffee and Bacon Butties* cooked on the BBQ. Above all, FUN is the order of the morning. If you are a regular at our Friends and Family service you will know what we get up to, but if you haven't been before, why not come along on Saturday morning for a couple of hours and join in the fun? And of course on Sunday, there is our special service for all Mothers and each Mum will be presented with one of the Posies. There will also be Simnel Cake and Tea and Coffee available after the service

*Veggie alternative option available

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