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This week, and a little later, at St Mary's.

Services for Sunday March 31: 9am Benefice Holy Communion (Said) at Sutton Church or 9am Morning Prayer with Posies at St Mary’s 10.30am Holy Communion for Mothering Sunday, with Posies and Simnel Cake. 6.30pm Deanery Lent Evensong at St Lawrence Church, Willington

The morning service next Sunday is Holy Communion for Mothering Sunday with posies of flowers and Simnel Cake. The service will be conducted by the Rev Gill.

Morning Prayer services will be held next week, at Sutton Church on Thursday, and on Tuesday and Friday at St Mary’s, all services at 9am. Our First Steps toddler and baby group meet on Friday as usual in the church hall at 9.30am. Details about the Group can be obtained from Group Organiser, Sandy, on 01767 260430.

Our next social event is planned for April 12th and is a Curry and Quiz evening. Tickets costing £17.50, which includes a complimentary drink, can now be booked on the reservation sheet in church or via our website booking system. See last week’s Potton column or one of the many advertising posters around town.

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