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St Mary's Church Annual Meeting

Last Sunday, the morning service of Holy Communion with Prayers for Healing, was conducted by the Rector, the Rev Gill Smith. Following the service, St Mary’s APCM annual meeting, was held in church. The Churchwardens, Hazel Różańska and Wendy Chappell were re-elected to serve another year. The Rev Gill then gave more details about her forthcoming retirement in the summer and explained why they are bound by Church regulations to leave the area. Gill and husband, Bob, will be greatly missed by both Congregation and Potton Townsfolk as they have been involved in many community activities since coming to Potton about 10 years ago. It could take several months after Gill’s departure, before we get a new Parish Priest. The meeting then continued with current and future business and projects, before finally electing a new Parochial Church Council. The PCC and Churchwardens will take on extra responsibilities during the interregnum period, when St Mary’s will not have an incumbent. The meeting closed, as it had opened, with Prayers.

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