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Christingle 2018

The first of our special Children's Advent services, was held this afternoon. It was our Christingle service which although is for the Children, it is well enjoyed by grown-up Children as well, their Mums amd Dads! The service as always was very well attended and the Rev Gill carefully explained to everyone what the meaning of each part of the Christingle represented. (A diagram can be found on an earlier entry on this page, or on our website). A few favourite Children's Carols were sung and then came the big moment, receiving a lighted Christingle, and being told how to carry it carefully. Once every one had their Christingle, the church lights were turned off leaving everything in the red glow of the overhead heaters, quite magical. By this time, everyone was standing in a giant circle around the church, whilst another Carol was sung. Finally, the lights came back on and and the candles were extinguished, the Rev Gill then finishing the service with Prayers and Blessings, the first part of the Children's Advent was over. The full set of pictures can be seen on our Facebook page.

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