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Rev Dave Smith - Latest news from Australia

Rev Dave Smith, our former Curate till he retired to Australia a few years ago, has sent us a Christmas greeting, with a little of his latest news. Since arriving in his retirement town, Strathalbyn in South Australia, near Adelaide, he has formed and run Choirs there and really got very involved with other local activities. Dave was also the Choirmaster at St Mary's up till the time he moved away. You can see why his choice of town was a good one by clicking this link: Here are a few words from Dave. In the picture, Dave is back row extreme left as you view.

Thought you might like to see my current men's choir. Finished our 13 concerts for the year this week and having a break until February.

My daughter commented that they looked as though they were ready to audition for Father Christmas?

Wishing you and the whole parish a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas, and sending much love to all.

I'm sure we all wish Dave and Eileen a Very Peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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