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Don't forget, It's our very popular Christingle Service on Sunday afternoon

4.30pm at St Mary's Church, the Children's favourite Advent Service, next Sunday, December 9th. Each child will receive a Christingle emblem during the service. Most people will know that this

is an Orange representing the World and decorated with a Candle, a Red Belt round the middle and little sweets. Most of these get eaten usually before the end of the service! All these symbols are explained in this picture. A candlelit procession round the church using the candle on the Christingle, will take place once every child has a Christingle. A collection will be made during the service for the Children's Society, for the less fortunate children who will probably spend Christmas away from their homes. Please think of these children and others who are homeless at this time. We hope to see many of you there again this year.

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